You may have noticed that we’ve traded our middle initial. PHS, our main brand since 1973, has become PPS, short for Promotional Payments Solutions. Why the seismic change? Well, nothing too earthshattering really. We just felt it was important for our name to better reflect what we do. Read more....

At PPS, we provide a comprehensive a range of digital promotional payments solutions to major organisations working to promote their businesses and brands. These solutions relate to the issuing, validation, redemption and settlement of… …whether physical or digital, for F2F or online transactions.
We also provide a range of complementary services including customer care and support, fulfilment and bespoke software applications development, all from our own dedicated in-house teams.

Our services are integrated with all of Ireland’s major supermarket and convenience retailers, FMCG manufacturers and many multi-retailer environments such as leading shopping centres. We also work for major organisations in the corporate rewards, travel, and published media sectors.

Check out our short video for more on this.

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